Lawsuit Filed to Stop Smart Meter Install

A Central Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against Oncor Electric Delivery Company in an effort to stop the installation of a smart meter electricity measuring device on her home.   She wants to prove that Oncor has no legal right to force her to allow installation of the smart meter.  If she wins, it could set a precedent for Texans to refuse smart meters on their homes (for both renters & homeowners).

Friday, January 28, 2011 at 9 a.m.

Bell County, Texas 146th District Court
1201 Huey Rd.
Belton, Texas
1 mile off of Interstate 35
Less than 1 mile off Hwy. 190
Map–General Map of Belton, TX
Map–Map to Courthouse (the placemarker should be closer to Loop 121–follow the text directions below)

From Interstate 35 (I35):
Take the Loop 121 Exit
Travel west on Loop 121
Turn right on Huey Road (look for the sign that says “Bell County Justice Complex”
Take the first right turn into the parking lot and park anywhere on the right of the driveway.
From Copperas Cove / Killeen on Highway 190:
Take Highway 190 East
Take the Loop 121 Exit
Turn right onto Loop 121
Turn left onto Huey Road
**Note: When you turn onto Loop 121, don’t increase your speed.  You will need to turn left almost immediately, & it’s at the top of a hill where you can’t see until you’re there.

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16 Responses to Lawsuit Filed to Stop Smart Meter Install

  1. Debbie Murphy says:

    A company showed up to change out my meter to a smart meter. I told them I dont want one and refused them access to my property. His supervisor showed up and said I have no choice and he is going to do it anyway and put up a ladder and climbed over my fence
    Is this illegal

  2. A Berr says:

    Oh well, I probably would have just gone along smart meters
    if I hadn’t recently taken courses in
    microbiology, physiology, and pathophysiology.

    Those courses spent a lot of time on the process of electric currents
    cells generate across cell membranes to function and live.
    Cell functions are affected by electromagnetic currents and radio frequency emitted by these smart meters.

    It’s been shown in thousands (about 2,000) of studies that smart meter techlogy definitely affects living cells.
    So far the utility companies and government are going by the 75 or so studies, that they paid for, that show smart meter technology is safe. Politician, and engineers and the commissioner and even the President of the USA evidently just do what the money tells them.

    Smart meters need to be banned. If you voluntarily want to use cell phones and and the kind of wireless technology then go ahead but stay away from me.

    We need to stop smart meter installation and sue them if they won’t stop.

    Have you made any progress is stopping them?

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  4. In July 2010 I completed a 4000 watt solar pv system for my home in Ft. Pierce Florida. Our public utility – Ft. Pierce Utility Authority, had given me a contract with an opening statement “we are proud to offer net metering to our customers.” My meter turned backwards during sunshine hours beautifully. Four days later a smart meter was installed and since that day they have only given wholesale credit for the power I produce charging me retail for my usage. After speaking up at many meetings with no success and also receiving great press I am now filing a civil action against the utility with the help of an attorney. Any advice offered might help. ~ thanks ~

  5. Al says:

    The U.S.A. regulators specify the following with reference to smart meters.

    Look under Energy Policy Act of 2005, All public electric utilities are now requireed to make available upon request net metering to their customers. In addition, it state; Each electric utility shall make available UPON REQUEST, net metering service to any electric consumer that the electric utility serves.

    To me that can be interpeted that upon the consumers request therefore if you do not request it, it shall not be forced upon you!

    • Tracie D. says:

      This is sickening. In June 2011, I came home and found our electricity had been turned off as I noticed all the clocks were flashing. For a day I continued to smell a “burning runner” smell when I would go to my backdoor while letting the dog out to do her thing.(where my meter is located). I finally traced the scent to the outdoors and directly to the meter. Possibly a sealent they used when they switched out my meter? I was not asked, notified of this change…nothing! They just came in an switched them out while we were at work. I consulted with a neighbor and hers switched too along with people all up and down our street. I live in a home in a subdivision with over 1000 other houses. Centerpoint Energy did not give one notice in a bill or at the door that they would be trespassing to make these revisions. (Typically if they were coming to shut off service, they came with a notice the day before and would hang it on the door or garage, but NOTHING on a mass change? Peculiar!!) I believe that is criminal in it’s own right. In Texas, if someone comes on your property and trespasses and you feel threatened, you can shoot! When I called to complain the electric provider told me that the equipment belongs to them and they can change it out at any time. I told them as a TEXAS HOMESTEAD owner, their property which resides ON MY PAID property is therefore my right and I am and should have been notifed. I am now suffering from joint ailments, continuous headaches, various unexplained colds/flus and much fatigue. I wake up every morning at 1:45 or 2 am and I can not go back to sleep to save my life! It has been this way for several months. All was fine when I went to Iowa and Missouri on vacation for more than a week…but one day after my return, I felt like crap all over again. I am very interested in getting in on a class action lawsuit. I feel that I wasn’t given a voice in the first place. And I certainly didn’t ask my electric provider to fry my insides so they could remotely gauge and control my power usage. I also don’t believe my rights as a citizen and homeowner in my state were upheld! As a consumer, I should have been notified so I could have switched on my own accord to another utility provider that didn’t want to slowly knock me off a little more everyday so they can pass that electricity on to the next paying victim.

  6. Lola Rodriguez says:

    A smart meter was installed May 2011. My light bill has tripled. I called Tx Energy and asked them to confirm my usage before the smart meter was installed. I was told before my smart meter was installed I was using 1000 kilo watts a month. Now with the smart meter I’m using 4100 kilo watts. This is so frustrating because the reading is grossly exaggerated.

  7. Dale Callis says:

    I received a door hanger stating that Center Point will have my meter changed to their new smart meter. I called to tell them I do not want it and was told if I do not allow them access to the meter they will disconnect my service. I also said I refuse to pay the 3 dollar usage fee, that it is nothing more than a tax. They said the Public Utility Commission of Texas approved the fee and I can not refuse it. The Commission says the Texas Legislature approved the fee that it was the upgrading of Center Point systems. If Center Point wants to upgrade their system, then they should absorb the cost, not pass it on to the Texas citizens as a fee (tax). Texas are being taken advantage of by the power companies and their corporate greed. The sad thing is OUR politicians are allowing it, as is the Public (CORPORATE) Utility commission.
    We should have the right to refuse this meter and the fee. But instead greedy power companies have they hand in our elected officials pockets and are tightening the purse strings to make them screw the citizens of Texas . Thus taking away our right.

  8. joanne williams says:

    They are installing smart right now in my apt. complex. Why isn’t this on the news or something. I am scared to death. If these rate hikes are true I might be homeless. My husband lost his good paying job he had for 25 yrs. 2 1/2 yrs ago. He just got a job making $7.35 an hour. I can’t handle any more expenses. Why hasn’t there been a date set for the lawsuit yet?

  9. Judi Gallagher says:

    On, Friday 5-27-2011, After opting out of the smart meter, they came anyway and tried to install the meter, physically trying to break into my property. I asked them to leave, they would not. As a result, I called our towns uninformed police officers, and they reluctantly removed them, and told them not to come back. This is not America anymore, where are our rights as citizens?

    • Tracie D. says:

      Keep an eye on your meter…if told no, they will stalk you and wait for you to leave. It takes them minutes to change them out. After voicing my complaint on Facebook about my illegal install, I had several friends come back and say that they ran them off and one in particular stood out as Centerpoint Energy showed up on their day’s off from work. After 4 days, when she and her husband went to work and the coast was clear, CPEnergy let the dogs out of their back yard and changed the meter anyway…and left the gate open. They didn’t know the meter was installed until neighbors called to tell them the dogs were out of their gate in the backyard. When my friend rushed home to take care of her dogs, she secured them once again in the backyard and there was her nice shiny new meter! No notice left on the house…a quick switch and go! When we addressed this at the homeowners meetings….even our own HOA was not notified that this was happening! They should have also been notified so Neighborhood watch and the citizens could have been informed in the newsletter publications. WHAT RIGHTS!? We don’t have those anymore!

  10. Glenn says:

    Are there any existing direct action or class action lawsuits out there – if so I want to join. Oncor installed a smart meter last Thursday and blew out the meter box doing so. Electricity was out from Friday until Monday for the Air Conditioning, Stove, MIcorwave, Washer/Dryer and in the bathroom. Then they came out Monday to “fix” what they broke and instead blew it out the rest of the way and killing the refrigerator and spoiling all of the food in it. I had to have an electrician come out that night to fix what Oncor broke and 2 1/2 hours and $300 later the outlets in the bathroom are stilll blown out and come to find out the meter is defective. WHERE ARE THE CONSUMER RIGHTS?! I’m desperately looking for an attorney who is representing the consumers who have been taken advantage of in either a class or direct action lawsuit. HELP!

  11. Melissa Ford says:

    Please help. Does centerpoint energy have the right to put in a smart meter? What can I do to stop them? They hung a tag on our door today and I called to have them take me off of the list and they refused. What rights do we have? Is there a class action lawsuit?

    • Tracie D. says:

      You’re lucky to have been notified. CPE didn’t do that for the 1000 in my subdivision. They just came in life thieves in the night!

  12. Gracie says:

    Customers are being taken advantage of. We do not want an electricity system that operates with continuous microwave frequency radiation on our home. We are overly exposed on a daily basis everywhere we go, we should have the right to choose our exposure in the safety of our own home. I have a professional microwave frequency detector and these meters transmit every 1-2 seconds of the day and night nonstop. Centerpoint energy lies and insists that they transmit 3 times a day! Centerpoint management told me that the emmissions are highest within a 10 foot radius of the meter. Within those ten feet still exists my property. Within the house of that radius exists 2 cribs of very small children being exposed to these emissions constantly because my house is to small rearange. And outside of my house within that radius is the space that my toddler used to love to play and in. I can no longer let her play there since she is continuously exposed to these emmissions in the home. We cannot afford any increase in fees, yet we are getting charged for a system that has numerous scientific studies proving that there is harm in such chronic microwave frequency radiation. Where is justice in Texas? California Assmblymembers have passed a bill to give customers the right to opt out of the smart meter system. Electric companies should be improving the system with an upgraded wired system or fiber optics, there already is a fine system in place, instead of being wasteful with millions going towards this new system and calling it “green”. There is nothing green about a system that irradiates customers, neighborhoods, and the environment.

  13. Larry Marrs says:

    I am a Council Member from the City of Richland Hills, Texas. Our Council unanamously approved sending a letter to Governor Perry two weeks ago requesting a moritorium on Oncor’s installation of smart meters in our city. The meters are scheduled to be installed within the next few weeks. The reply of our Governor was not favorable to our citizens and essentially indicates that the complaints about accuracy are baseless. He, of course, did not address our objection to citizens having to pay for the meters. I don’t believe any of our citizens requested a smart meter and very few, if any, will ever use the data from a smart meter in the manner Oncor portrayed to the PUC.

    It is disappointing that Governor Perry dismissed the concerns of our 7,800 citizens and has ignored thousands of other Texas citizens who have objected to the installation of the smart meters. Apparently, a private corporation holds more sway with the Governor than those who own property and pay taxes…. and vote.

    I fail to see the PUC’s logic in requiring customers to pay for a device that primarily benefits Oncor. I personallyl object to this unwarranted “tax” on our citizens and plan to continue to oppose the installation of the meters and the unwarranted taxation of our citizens to fund equipment that rightfully is the responsibility of Oncor.

    Memories of tax paying citizens and voters are long, particularly when a private company is allowed to get in our pocket books.

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