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Smart Meter Data Belongs to the Customer

In Texas, lawmakers actually did something good related to the smart meter debacle– they included in the law that the data about your electricity usage belongs to you, the customer. Texas Utilities Code 39.107(b) states (in relevant part): All meter … Continue reading

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Georgetown, Texas Residents to Get TWO Smart Meters

The City of Georgetown, Texas is planning to force its residents to have 2 smart meters installed on their properties. One smart meter is to be installed for electricity and one for water. The City of Georgetown owns both of … Continue reading

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Poetry & Songs about Smart Meters–Hilarious, Yet True

The Devil Original Poem by Anonymous Smart Meter Satire Copyright 2011 Ellen Cecil Men don’t believe in a devil now as their fathers used to do. Yet they’ve opened the door to Smart Meter Hell to let “His Majesty” through. … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Smart Meters? A Beginner’s Guide

For those who are wondering what a smart meter is and why people are not happy about them, we’ve put together a summary to help quickly understand the main issues surrounding them.    More >>

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Sign Petition Against Smart Meters

**Update: We now have 2 important petitions to sign. One is for Texas, specifically, and one is a national petition, since smart meters are being installed all over the country. TEXAS PETITION: Comments: NATIONAL PETITION: This petition automatically … Continue reading

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Hero of the Day: Apartment Manager Blocks Smart Meters

Photo: CLARK COLEMAN / Monterey Herald An apartment manager in Marina, California is our smart meter “Hero of the Day”. Tobie Cecil has managed the Marina Meadows Apartments for 18 years. In February, he had his maintenance staff build cages … Continue reading

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Oncor Ignores Fire Safety Recommendation

On August 17, 2010, in Arlington, Texas (near Dallas), Oncor technicians were replacing a perfectly functional analog electric meter with a “smart” meter.  The electricity was NOT turned off to the property before the meter swap was done and the … Continue reading

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