Sign Petition Against Smart Meters

**The Texas petition below now has 601 signatures (as of 9-29-11).  Your lies aren’t working, smart meter industry!



This petition automatically emails your objections to the appropriate legislators.

This petition to be sent to U.S. House of Representatives:

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3 Responses to Sign Petition Against Smart Meters

  1. Susan Bishop says:

    Not on your life will I be subjected to such crap.

  2. E. Zelnick says:

    I am really tired of having a government that lies to me, forces things that I don’t want down my throat, and otherwise intrudes on my privacy and right to be left alone as long as I am a law abiding citizen. The choices being made FOR me have nothing to do with what may be in my (or any other citizen’s) best interests.

  3. The smart meter plan is an absolute failure and dangerous to the public health. I am tortured daily by the smart meter forced on my home without any warnings as to the risks, or any choices. Now, my days are filled with unrelenting headache pain, to the point of tears, ringing ears, inflamed tissues and joints – all since the placement of the meter. No one will help, I have spent three months trying. BANNING THESE METERS AS THEY ARE A PUBLIC HEALTH MENACE AND THREAT TO OUR FREEDOMS IS THE ONLY THING TO DO. It may get to a point where we all have to remove them and go on strike.

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