“Safe” Radiation Used to Repel Rats?

Is it possible that the same radiation emitted constantly from wireless smart meters is the same thing used to make rats uncomfortable enough to stay away from your house? StopSmartMeters.org has found some interesting information addressing that question.

Stop Smart Meters! brought you the news back in February that smart grid industry types- including the head of PG&E’s ‘Smart’Meter program Greg Kiraly-  were openly laughing during an industry conference about how utility customers are like rats in an experiment.  Today we were reminded by the great letter to the editor by Dave Hubert in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat that wireless EMF radiation- such as the pulses sent out by your “smart” meter- are effective ways of compelling rats to leave your house.

Of course as Dave points out, what the rats are suffering is exactly what is happening to countless people in areas where ‘smart’ meters are being deployed- people we hear from every day who are being forced to leave their homes because the government denies the existence of electro-sensitivity and refuses to acknowledge non-thermal health impacts, despite the clear and decisive evidence to the contrary.

Now don’t get us wrong- we’ve known some very nice rats, so make sure that if you get upset and want to use the label to refer to FCC Chairman Genachowski and all those CTIA lobbyists, know that it would truly be an insult to respectable rodents everywhere.

Here is Dave’s letter:

Rats. A SmartMeter

EDITOR: From the brutal technology department:

People who experience pain from the SmartMeter devices PG&E has been installing all over Northern California describe their encounters in words similar to descriptions of how electromagnetic rodent repellers work.

Online description of an electromagnetic rodent repeller: “It works by altering the electromagnetic field in the wiring in your house, basically it sends out a vibration around all of the wiring throughout the walls and floors in the building using it. This vibration makes the animals feel really uneasy and they will do anything to get away from it.”

Hate to say it, but that’s exactly how my wife reacted when PG&E installed a gas SmartMeter next door. It puts out radio frequencies that are apparently noxious to her.

Yeah, it didn’t kill her, but it made her feel like jumping out of her skin. There are huge areas of SmartMetered California (mostly urban) that are now off limits to her.

Guess what? She found out there are lots of other people out there who react the same way. Had the devices been properly studied they would not have been approved for installation on every home in California.



Link to original post: http://stopsmartmeters.org/2011/04/11/feeling-like-a-rat/

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2 Responses to “Safe” Radiation Used to Repel Rats?

  1. Deanna Munson says:

    ive been crying all week.my brains are being constantly fried.im angry,bitter,sick,and scared to death.i dont need brain cancer.im very angry.i cant tolorate this feeling.people,that dont have these meters yet, think im out of my mind.

  2. Soapbox Jill says:

    Hey, don’t you know the rats just have PSYCHOLOGICAL problems that make them run away from electromagnetic fields; and that rf ONLY affects cells in controlled medical and cosmetic applications? Experts insist there is NO CONCLUSIVE PROOF of biological impact or harm from the mix of new sources of rf, including smart meters, wifi, wireless broadband and cell phone equipment.
    (am I bitter? nah)

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