BUSTED–Centerpoint Energy Anonymously Posts Negative Comments on Anti-SmartMeter Website

Centerpoint Energy, the privately-owned electric utility company that covers much of southeast Texas (think Houston) has been busted by BanSmartMeters.com posting negative comments anonymously on our website.

Click here to go to the comment. Here is a screen capture of the comment that the website’s administrator sees:

Note the fake email address (smartmeters@sm.com) and the I.P. address ( The I.P. address is a unique identifier that can be traced back to a certain user connected to the internet.

Here is a screen capture from a “whois” website that allows anyone to look up an I.P. address and find out who it belongs to.

This Walt Guimbellot is probably not the person making the posts. He’s probably just an IT (computer) guy at the company whose email address was listed when the company registered for the I.P. addresses above.

There are different websites where you can look up an IP address, but the one used here is http://www.all-nettools.com/toolbox/smart-whois.php. Website owners and administrators are encouraged to look up I.P. addresses from commenters or emailers (emails contain I.P. addresses, too–just look for the “headers”) that have positive comments about smart meters on anti-smart-meter websites.

Most issues have people who support and oppose them, both for legitimate reasons. But smart meters have absolutely no benefits for consumers and only provide enormous profits to the manufacturers, distributors, contractors and utility companies. You can be sure anyone supporting them, especially expressing that support on an anti-smart-meter website, is from one of those industries who stand to profit.

Thanks, Centerpoint, for acknowledging us as a threat. Otherwise you wouldn’t be paying someone to troll our websites and post negative and inaccurate comments, even ones as lame, lazy, and without substance as the one you have posted here!

Please note: all blogs automatically capture the I.P. addresses of commenters. This website does not use them for anything, will never let anyone have them, and will never expose them–UNLESS you are suspected to be spreading lies and defamation in an effort to support your ongoing goals to make healthy people sick and sick people even sicker, burn down their homes, capture every moment of a person’s activities in their homes, and raise their prices to astronomical levels, by installing “smart” meters on every building in America. Then we will look up your IP address and expose it to the world if we find conclusive evidence that you are, in fact, engaging in the above conduct.

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3 Responses to BUSTED–Centerpoint Energy Anonymously Posts Negative Comments on Anti-SmartMeter Website

  1. Kricket says:

    Worst ever! The fees they charged us for sigh up with them is high and we didn’t even get our money back. You would think in this economy and we have never been late we would have got our money back. We will never use them again.

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  3. Redi Kilowatt says:

    That is totally awesome, I never knew that I could look up other peoples anonymous blogs.
    Please email me about the details on how to use this service. I was wondering if this could be done on some of our local forums comment boards, where anyone can post using any name they choose and are not required to register or furnish an email address to post.
    True , most sites do require an email address, but the ones that don’t are totally trashed with trolls. It has become so bad, that many people don’t visit those sites anymore.
    I do notice that the trolls: always post on something that they no nothing about, only post to put other people down, never have anything to add to the discussion of the thread, most of them seem to be corporatists who hate when things like low wages are exposed, usually have their own agenda that involves some renumeration, often resort to name calling , false accusations, false misquotes, and nasty personal attacks.
    It is a big world out in cyberspace, there are many good people, but there is also the bad and very, very ugly. They are some very mentally sick individuals who’s meds are not working at all. Their life must be living hell.
    Keep up the good work and “SQUELCH THE TROLLS !

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