Smart Meters Cause Fires, Destroy Appliances–Centerpoint Says It’s Not Their Fault has done a story on multiple smart meter fires in the Houston area, where Centerpoint Energy is installing the meters.  Centerpoint is leaving homeowners with fried appliances, with no electricity, and telling them that the meter is owned by the homeowner, so it’s their responsibility to fix.  If that’s true, why did one homeowner sue and get a settlement, if, in fact, there was no liability?  Link to story

It’s an interesting turn of events.  Earlier this year, Oncor told a reporter that the homeowner didn’t own the meter, so they had no say in whether Oncor installed a smart meter or not.  But Oncor and Centerpoint are both investor-owned “transmission and distribution utility” companies.  They are governed by the same regulations and are set up exactly the same.  The only difference is the areas of Texas that they serve.  So one of them is wrong.

These utilities have been saying that they own the meters, therefore, individuals have no say in whether the utilities install smart meters or not.  Now, when it’s convenient for Centerpoint to dodge responsibility for damage they and their subcontractors caused, suddenly the homeowner now owns the meter.

The fire incidents referenced in the article were completely preventable.  In August 2010, 2 fires in Arlington caused by smart meter installations were found to be completely preventable.  One of the official fire reports that we posted on this website had the fire department’s own words saying that to prevent these problems, electricity needed to be turned off at the street before the meters were changed.  But that costs time and money to the utility.  Since that fire, Oncor has continued to refuse to turn off electricity before a meter change, and, obviously, so has Centerpoint.

These utilities have no regard for human life, safety, or anything but money.  Yet we’re supposed to believe everything they say about no health hazard, the accuracy of the meters, and the security of the personal data collected?

Oh, and also remember the recent anonymous negative comment left by a Centerpoint employee on this website.  Link.

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