Centerpoint Leaves Grandma & 3 Kids Without Power: “It’s Not Our Fault”

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Centerpoint’s “smart” meters have driven a grandmother, who is caring for 3 children, out of her own house for 9 days because she can’t afford to fix the damage done by Centerpoint and their “smart” meter.

The story at states that Ruby Vallain’s trouble began with an error message on her “smart” meter and some of her outlets not working. She called Centerpoint and they sent out a technician who

“…took a device and he began puncturing around here and he struck a wire and it blew fire and so one of the technicians stated, ‘You’re not gonna like this. Now you’re not gonna have any lights’,” Vallain said.

The story goes on to say that a Centerpoint spokeswoman Alicia Dixon said the problem is on the customers’ side of the box. Her investigation showed the box was already burned before their technician arrived.

It sounds like Centerpoint’s logic is this: if my car hits your car and your car is damaged, it’s not my responsibility to fix it because it’s your car, not mine.

Please, attorneys, someone help this woman sue Centerpoint for the damages their meter and technician caused. You might also have a case for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. Here’s why this would be beneficial to you, Mr. or Ms. Attorney:

  • At the very least, it’s likely My Fox Houston will do follow up stories about the kind attorney helping the struggling grandmother take on the evil, rich, monopoly corporation. Imagine how that could help a future political run.
  • Any jury you get in front of can be guaranteed to all be Centerpoint customers. Given the way Centerpoint operates, every customer has either been treated badly or ripped off by them, or knows someone who has. No jury will have any mercy on Centerpoint.
  • With solid facts and the above truths about a jury, you have leverage to extract a nice settlement from Centerpoint (without a trial) that will cover Ms. Vallain’s actual damages, some punitive damages and recover attorney fees for yourself.

Thanks, My Fox Houston, for doing this story. I’m betting that the Centerpoint goons have already visited your offices to express their displeasure with this story.

Thanks so for linking to this article.

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