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Smart Meters for Dummies (TM)

One of our wonderful supporters sent this to us–how appropriate!

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Download FREE Book about Smart Meters

Download this 113-page book about smart meters for FREE!  This is a very detailed book about the issues surrounding smart meters.  The author, Orlean Koehle, addresses various problems with so-called “smart” meters with TONS of links and citations.  She addresses … Continue reading

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Man Saves His Neighbors from Smart Meters

–This story is from  While Texas does not have any opt-out option or delay list (like California does), the arrogance and disregard for human life & property shown in this story are carried out by Texas utilities every day.– … Continue reading

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Smart Meter Data Risks

–Thanks to commenter “Jim” for passing this along!– This article from July 28th: Talks about “A leading computer scientist has warned of the security risks of using smart meters in controlling utility supplies.” “Ross Anderson, professor in security engineering … Continue reading

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