Smart Meter Data Risks

–Thanks to commenter “Jim” for passing this along!–

This article from July 28th:

Talks about “A leading computer scientist has warned of the security risks of using smart meters in controlling utility supplies.”
“Ross Anderson, professor in security engineering at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, warns that the move to smart metering introduces a “strategic vulnerability” that hackers might conceivable be exploit to remotely switch off elements on the gas or electricity supply grid.”

“As an added bonus the technology also makes it easier to switch subscribers to new (higher) tariffs if they persistently fail to pay their bill on time.”


This is a good paper on the subject, and has a lot of references:

If you want to see how EASILY someone could analyze your power usage with a smart meter, see page 17 of the below document. It’s a graph showing usage of different appliances in a house and pointing them out.

It also shows that no “chip” is safe and a meter being “owned” by a hacker.


We know that the power companies are reading these posts, we know they are worried about what is going on, but they continue the installs, they could be held criminally liable if just one person gets hurt in anyway by these meters, and that’s going to cost me and you $$ in higher rates to defend them?

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