BUSTED: Industry Employee Leaves “Anonymous” Comment

Steve Jillings, Senior RF (radiofrequency) Applications Engineer at Semtech Corporation in Camarillo, California, apparently took some time off from his busy work schedule to leave the following comment on this website:

Just checking that you guys don’t have cellphones, microwave ovens, wi-fi routers…

His message as viewed from this websites administration screen:

A search of the IP address shows it is registered to Semtech Corporation.

Semtech Corporation’s website states:

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products.  We are dedicated to providing you with proprietary solutions and breakthrough technology in power management, circuit protection, timing and synchronization, touch interface, high-performance optical transport equipment (SerDes), high-reliability military products, low-power wireless RF, and digital sensor/signal conditioning ICs. Our products are used in some of the most innovative systems and in some of the fastest growing markets in the industry. These markets include Smartphones, LCD TVs, Notebook Computers, Wireless LAN Modems, Automatic Meter Reading, Ultra-Low Power Medical, Satellite Communication, Cellular Infrastructure, Optical Transport and Datacenters.

Semtech provides wireless parts for smart meters, as seen on this page of their website:

According to Steve’s LinkedIn page, he has 10 years of experience in the field of radiofrequency product design.

So if Steve is such an expert on RF, and those of us questioning the safety of smart meters and wireless radiation have our information so very wrong, then why wouldn’t Steve take his alleged competence and explain to us what the facts are, instead of leaving a juvenile message (anonymously, no less) implying that if one has a cell phone, then one has no right to complain about smart meters?

Oh, wait…  Because our information IS good and these whores who are happy to permanently disable and kill people rather than have to give up a paycheck don’t want to think of themselves as whores.  But they are killing themselves, their friends, parents, children, grandchildren, spouses, and neighbors.  No amount of denial will ever change that, Steve Jilling, Semtech, and your fellow greedy whores.

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3 Responses to BUSTED: Industry Employee Leaves “Anonymous” Comment

  1. Mary Elizabeth Bradford says:

    Hey so Gary = very interested to hear your take on things. Are you saying that the RF from a microwve is the same or less than a smart meter? Wow I would really like to see some documentation on that! Lets chat! I would love nothing more than to rest easy that my 3 year old is not being harmed by these things. Please, since you are indeed “an expert” please back up your sarcastic comment with some documents, reports or anything substantial other than disinfo with no credible info to substantiate.

    • Donna Voetee says:

      Steve, I do not have a microwave. Threw it out years ago. Saw people get leukemia (I’m a health counselor).

      I use my cell phone only for emergencies, and when I do, I leave a half-inch air gap from my ear, which of course, the industry will not admit is necessary.

      I have a computer.

      These are technologies that I use with discretion. They were not FORCED upon me by my government in treasonous liaisons with foreign agents working under unconstitutional treaties, aka Agenda 21.

      I can discard them at any time. Can you guarantee the same of the SM?

      • Trusader says:

        Donna, I agree with you 100%. Since becoming Health Conscious, I am able to pick my own poisons “so to speak”, Meaning, I no longer believe IN or OUR government and won’t be led down the slippery slope by the government nose ring.
        This is an invasion against our 4th amendment rights and should be stopped by our law enforcement officers. They are the Interceptors against government intrusion into our lives and have jurisdiction over Federal government, (Read about Sheriff Richard Mack and his work with the Brady Bill).

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