Smart Meter Burns Down Home in Alabama?

The following comment was left on this website by “kristie” in Alabama:

I FULLY believe that the smart meter is responsible for my house burning in may 2010. I lived in a BRAND new doublewide. had the “old meter” for the 1st 9 months of living in the home. immediatly after the smart meter was installed, fuses began to blow, lights would dim totally off then come back on, light bulbs would blow WEEKLY. my home burnt on a thursday, and prior to the fire,,,alabama power had came to my home 4 times to check out my “problems”. four days before the fire, the power co was called out to check a LOUD pop and power went off for about 30 seconds and then came back on. I started making my son sleep in my room for fear of a fire in the middle of the night. we lived in total fear for MONTHS then one day I got off work and came home to find my home fully engulfed in flames. AL [Alabama] POWER immediately took my smart meter. hmmmm. and within 60 days of the fire, MY meter was no where to be found, I was told the power co had destroyed it!! can someone help or if you have had a fire since the smart meter was installed, PLEASE email me or call 256 463 9864

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