What’s Wrong with Smart Meters? A Beginner’s Guide

For those who are wondering what a smart meter is and why people are not happy about them, we’ve put together a summary to help quickly understand the main issues surrounding them.

What is a “smart meter”? Look at the photos at the top of this website. The meter on the left is an “old” analog meter used for measuring electricity usage. The meter on the right is a “smart meter”. It has a digital read-out and sends out wireless signals so that two-way communication with the utility can take place.

“Smart meter” is the commonly used term for the digital, wireless meter, but they are also called “advanced meters”. The bigger system is called a “smart grid” or “advanced metering system”. These digital meters are being used to measure electricity, water, & gas usage. The biggest use across the country, & probably the globe, is for electricity.

Anytime a business offers, or in this case forces, a product to the masses, they must find ways to make people believe they are getting benefits from that product. Some of the claims made by utility companies:

1) This meter will constantly monitor your electricity/water/gas usage and allow the customer to see what they are using to help them use less.

2) The constant monitoring of usage will allow an electric utility to charge customers according to when they use electricity–higher rates during peak times (during the day) & lower rates at off-peak times (at night), thus allowing the customer the opportunity to save money.

3) The utility will be able to monitor & pinpoint leaks (water) and outages (electricity) more quickly and efficiently.

Utilities are forcing everyone to have these meters, providing no way to opt-out for any reason. If you express that don’t want one, the utilities ignore you. If they need to, they sneak on your property while you aren’t home.

The problems with smart meters are too numerous to list here, and it seems more are being discovered on a regular basis. This is just a highlight of the biggest issues.


Smart meters operate wirelessly. They pulse radio frequencies every 1-5 seconds, 24/7. They can’t be turned off. High doses of the radiation get into buildings, homes, and travel through the air. Even if you don’t have one on your house, your neighbors’ meters will still come into your house.

Across the country, people who were already electro-sensitive to radiation from wireless devices like cell phones, wi-fi routers, and cell phone towers are getting sicker once the smart meters are installed on their homes. Symptoms include ringing in the ears (tinnitus), sleep disruption, headaches, fatigue, nausea, heart palpitations, & flu-like symptoms. Even people who have never before experienced sensitivity to wireless radiation are suddenly experiencing the above symptoms after having a smart meter installed.

There are numerous studies that link higher incidences of cancer and leukemia to exposure to radiation, such as that from cell phone towers.

The favorite response from utilities is that they meet FCC standards. It has been shown repeatedly that these standards are set at unsafe levels, and are for a different kind of radiation than that emitted from smart meters. The FCC standards are for thermal radiation (that which causes heating), not non-thermal radiation (which does not cause heating and is the kind emitted from smart meters) which still have very negative effects on the health of people, animals, and plants.


Electrical usage is measured at least every 15 minutes and is wirelessly sent to a remote (far away) location. It’s extremely easy for anyone to tell when you wake up in the mornings, when you are at work, when you get home, how often you wake up in the middle of the night, and when you are on vacation. In Texas, a website called SmartMeterTexas.com allows you to login and see your usage data. But it’s extremely easy for anyone to set up or log into that account. There is also no indication that the data is encrypted while it’s being transmitted.

Utilities have bragged publicly that they can disconnect anyone’s electricity remotely without having to send anyone out in person. They have also bragged that they can and will remotely turn off individual appliances in your house if they choose. With this much power in one central location, and no protections or security, it would be enormously easy for a hacker, or the government, or the utility, etc. to do whatever they want to to the whole grid or just a few people. Imagine the power that gives government to retaliate against anyone who speaks out against them.


Many, many people all over the country have seen their bills skyrocket, sometimes doubling or tripling. They are told that their usage has just gone up. They are given no relief by the Public Utilities Commission (the agency that is supposed to regulate utilities). If they don’t pay the bills, they get disconnected.

In California, a group of Stanford students saw their electric bill increase enormously after a smart meter was installed–even for a period when nobody was home and the breakers were turned off. The electric company said there was nothing wrong. After installing their own measuring device, the students found that the meter was overcharging them 2.5 times.

Then there is the “peak pricing” mentioned above. Utilities are bragging that they will be increasing prices when demand is highest (punishing people for using their electricity during the day) and having lower prices when demand is low. So if you don’t have the money to afford the luxury of doing your laundry during the day, you’re going to have to stay up at night to do it.


In Arlington, Texas, there were 2 house fires in 2 days caused by smart meter installations. One of those reports details the Oncor (electric company) representative trying to provide excuses and blame the homeowners because their homes are old. The fire department told them to disconnect power before installing the meters to prevent more fires, but Oncor continued on without disconnecting power first.

There have also been multiple reports of people coming home and finding their already-installed smart meters smoking.

In San Bruno, California, in September 2010, an explosion that leveled an entire neighborhood and killed 8 people, was blamed on a natural gas leak. But there is speculation that a spark from a smart meter (the whole neighborhood was fully installed) ignited the leaked gas. Officials have publicly said they will not even investigate the possibility.


One of the biggest benefits utilities get from installing smart meters is they get to fire all their meter readers. The other big benefit is the increased profits from the “peak pricing” plan mentioned above.

Other tidbits of information:

–Rush Limbaugh doesn’t like smart meters because he doesn’t want his activities tracked. A group of Democrats has opposed smart meters for the same reason. There are many other groups and individuals from all different labels–conservative, liberal, environmentalists, libertarians, tea party, etc. that are coming together to try to stop smart meters. As seen above, there is something for everyone to hate in these meters.

–No one has yet found a smart meter that is UL tested for safety. There is no indication that any other safety laboratory has tested the meters, either. While there are no blanket laws that require electrical products to be safety tested, local and state building codes and laws can have requirements for safety testing.

–With the government’s help, utilities and manufacturers of the meters are keeping critical details of the software and hardware secret so no one can tell exactly what these meters are capable of doing or monitoring. It is suspected that they can identify not just that you turned an appliance on, but what kind of appliance–hair dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.

35 Responses to What’s Wrong with Smart Meters? A Beginner’s Guide

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  2. steveinsocal says:

    Just checking that you guys don’t have cellphones, microwave ovens, wi-fi routers…

    • Charyl Z. says:

      People can choose to use cellphones and microwave ovens. But wi-fi is imposed upon people who want to use public places like libraries and even many schools. You can also get wi-fi emissions from a neighbor’s system, which is not really right, either, if it makes you sick. Smart meters (and neighbors’ wi-fi) make it impossible for some people to stay full-time (or at all) in THEIR OWN HOMES. Even if they can opt out of a meter on their home, the nearby neighbors’ meters emissions can affect those sensitive.

      And we thought cigarette smoke was bad. Or x-ray machines at shoe stores. Microwaves devices are designed to CUT THROUGH walls and anything in their way to reach their destinations. They are making the world unlivable for many, and putting all at risk. Just take a look at the military uses of microwaves in Barry Trower interviews. This is not a benign technology!
      SEE THESE (3 of 11 listed) from W.E.E.P. News:
      13 September 2011

      The Greatest Threat Ever
      Barrie Trower / YouTube



      • Tinfoil hats work wonders says:

        We should also make sure to ban the Sun, the Earth’s natural magnetic field and cosmic radiation while we’re out it, because these are FAR stronger than the electrical meter on the side of your house. You probably got exposed to more EMF radiation reading this stupid webpage on your computer than sitting in your house while Wi-Fi signals bounced around.

        As for military applications, the strength and frequency of the applied fields is night and day from what is in someone’s home WiFi. That’s like saying that the military uses flame throwers, so they are the exact same thing as the pilot light on your water heater.

        • Charyl Z. says:

          Next time, let’s see your name and sources. Anyone can anonymously babble.
          Lower levels of chronic microwave exposure can be actually more damaging than higher ones according to this peer reviewed, duplicated study, which repeatedly shows brain neuron damage, blood-brain barrier breaching (lets toxins into brain), and memory loss in rats.
          AMR meters are not safe, and the worst thing about them is they are NOT VOLUNTARY.

          Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement No. 173, 2008 283
          The Mammalian Brain in the Electromagnetic Fields Designed by
          Man with Special Reference to Blood-Brain Barrier Function,
          Neuronal Damage and Possible Physical Mechanisms

    • Wes says:

      Well, me, I do not have any cellphones, wireless phones, micro waves ovens, wi-fis- Nor do I want them. Oh I do have a computer & a CRT- but they are minimal and I can stay back from them. I do object to these smart meters & I don’t like the saturation of cell phones & hidden towers.

    • pdxmary says:

      What are you implying, Steve? That these other things are bad, too- or just trying to nail someone as a hypocrit? Usage counts, and people ought to have a choice. Over exposure to unsheilded RF is not merely a ‘count’ of neat things you own, it is a pervasive state of existence for modern man. But, when microwaves were introduced to the market farraday-style sheilding was required after the outcry about exposure. Same with TV’s. But most people don’t know that wifi and cell phone technology warnings have been muzzled by the industry’s abuse of thier congressional directive through collusion with the FCC’s failed administration of the 1996 Telecommunications Act regulatory authority.

      Now that smartmeters, and massive overuse of cell towers, are being forced upon us we can’t even choose our exposure to unsheilded RF. Cell and wifi technology is cool, yes; but so was x-ray radiation, until they figured out it would kill you. With unsheilded RF, any engineer who is worth his degree will know that ‘load’, proximity and usage counts. We can ‘choose’ what we use. But we ought not have it forced upon us with industry subterfuge.

      I wonder who will be held liable when the enterprise liability lawsuits start rolling across the land. Stockholders? Engineers? Maybe the telecoms will say they were just helpless and uninformed by thier own engineering experts who had to have known that increasing our exposure to RF by billions of times was a threat to human organisms. Take that scenario into your 401k retirement and see if you’ll rest easy.

  3. Miss Wilson says:

    Individuals who are pro-smart meters have every right in the world to state their position concerning these meters not being dangerous and give every scientific reason why they cannot, but let me state regardless of their evidence, the fact that people are suffering cannot be ignored. You are not crazy. I too have suffered tremendously. First, pray a prayer of protection over you and your family daily.
    Second, Get doctors notes of symptoms’ that you never had before the insulation of smart meters.
    Third, here is trustworthy information for your review.
    Fourth, write notarized / certified letters to your utility company as well as the organization who oversees the utility company. DEMAND ACTION! Write the individuals whom we elected. KEEP POSTAL RECEIPTS. Have an emergency neighborhood meeting exposing what is being done to YOUR FAMILY& NEIGHBORS and when entire neighborhood gets together and files a class action suit, things will be changed! This is the only way to fight this GREED, because if their is anything that causes human beings to hurt other human beings, it is “THE LOVE OF MONEY!”

  4. Marie says:

    This issue really isn’t if Smart Meters are a violation of privacy or safety, but that consumers should have a right to decide for themselves what is safe or suitable for their household. We should be given Opt-Out ability since we do not have the option to change utility companies.

    Currently consumers do have the right to choose to smoke, use cell phones, use microwave ovens and many more controversial health-damaging activities. However, the utility companies do not give consumers the right to decide if they would like the smart meter or not installed in their homes. Personally I prefer to err on the side of caution. I have a serious inherited autoimmune disease. I don’t drink, smoke, use cell phones and I eat organic and gluten-free because I have to do so for my condition.

    I don’t believe anyone has the right to come on my property and install controversial technology without my consent. The utility companies back you into a corner because they are a monopoly mandated by the government. They know that you have little choice but to comply if you want to continue to enjoy electricity. This is consumer blackmail and it has to be stopped now.

    • Charyl Z. says:

      Opt out is a start, but not good enough for the sensitive, who can be harmed by neighboring meters. See stopsmartmeters.com for their demands in California, which is the dismantling of the wireless utility mesh, and a return to safe analog meters and wired options, such as fiber optic.

  5. MIA NONY says:

    From: Smart Meters
    To: Thermoguy
    Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2011 9:21 AM
    Subject: RE: Important Smart Meter Information

    Dear Mr. Bennett:
    Thank you for inquiring about the Smart Metering Program.. I would like to provide you with the following summary to address your concerns:
    · BC Hydro’s smart meters are not high current devices that results in any magnetic fields.
    · The communication system uses radio signals that behave differently from high current transmission lines.
    · BC Hydro is confident that smart meters will not be inducing high currents into existing electrical systems or biological electrical system of “nerves” and “muscle switches”.
    · In addition, radio frequency signals do not cause any chemical bond breakdown such as genetic changes.
    · On the EMF spectrum, radio frequency signals are of lower energy than light and are categorized at non-ionizing.
    · Only ionizing emissions, such as ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB), medical X-Ray, PET scanners, and gamma rays can result in chemical bond breakdown and lead to genetic mutation.
    · Radio frequency has been studied extensively over the past three decades – in fact, there have been over 25,000 studies and there has been is no demonstrated cause-and-effect relationship between low levels of radio frequency exposure and health.
    · The radio on BC Hydro’s smart meters is lower than some of the strictest standards in the world as seen below.
    · There are no known cumulative health effects of radio waves.
    · Radio technology has been in place since before World War 2 and all of us have grown up with radio.
    · In fact, our life expectancy has increased over the last decade – evidence of no cumulative harm for those growing up listening to radios.
    · BC Hydro’s smart meters use low power signals that are below the precautionary limits set by Switzerland – the country with the most rigorous standards in the world.
    · Switzerland precautionary limit is used only in highly sensitive areas such as school and hospitals.
    · Areas that are not subjected to the precautionary limit abide by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) limits.
    Limit (μW/cm2)
    FCC and Health Canada Occupational Limits
    FCC and Health Canada General Public Limits
    International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) Reference Level for Smart Meter at 900MHz
    Italy (precautionary*)
    Switzerland (precautionary*)
    BC Hydro’s Smart Meter
    Natyelli De Anda Bonnabel
    Smart Meter Program

    From: “Thermoguy”
    Date: August 18, 2011 10:33:38 AM PDT
    To: “Smart Meters”
    Subject: Re: Important Smart Meter Information


    Thanks for the response but your reply is inaccurate. Your reference to communciation frequencies using different signals than transmission lines or the fact you need high speed EMFs to cause ionizing isn’t relevant. BC Hydro’s electrical grid is 60 Hz, ask your engineers what would happen if there was a frequency change or fluctuation and report that to me please.

    The units you refer to in your chart are microwatts?

    The meters themselves aren’t the problem, the communication frequencies are the problem and they are illegal according to Safety Code 6. The unintentional stimulation of tissue is to be avoided and there is no acceptable threshhold of excitation. Safety Code 6 says it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization.

    Ask BC Hydro engineers if it would be ok for anyone to electromagnetically induce your grid with foreign frequencies and the answer would be 100% no. You can’t do the same to the human electrical grid, people are a chunk of tissue.

    Our contact with you isn’t a singular opinion, we consult for a multitude of industry including energy, medicine and law. The dangers of these frequencies is now lectured in medical academia for education credits doctors need for licensing. You comment about extensive studies over 3 decades doesn’t include those studies and codes acknowledge they didn’t know or prove causation in 3 decades. Causation and the mechanism that was missing was found and reported to Health Canada as well as the Standing Committee on Health. As a result of the mechanism known, the application of the law has changed. Smart Meters are illegal according to Safety Code 6 and I am reporting that as a heads up. Hurting people or ecosystems is illegal, liable and ignoring something that is hurting people can be criminal negligence.

    Health Canada didn’t report to you that the mechanism has been found nor did they represent the recommendations of Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health. There needs to be a moratorium so you can answer these questions or the liability will far exceed any benefit.

    Regarding your comment on genetic mutation not happening, I want to refer you to Sentence 67 of Barrie Trower’s declaration given under threat of perjury for US courts. http://www.thermoguy.com/pdfs/7%20Declaration%20of%20Barrie%20Trower.pdf

    This US court case is current and the difference between this case and the last 30 years of studies is this case is talking causation or the missing mechanism into court. The mechanism is called electromagnetic induction and how you generate electricity. Are Hydro employee’s negotiating for future health costs?

    A moratorium is the only responsible way to deal with this, bees and pollinators don’t run at the frequencies. They are responsible for food sources. BC Hydro administration better practice due diligence and apply the same science they use in providing energy. There are particular reasons we wire things.


    Curtis Bennett
    Director of Operations
    Thermografix Consulting Corporation

  6. MIA NONY says:

    “The FCC standards are for thermal radiation (that which causes heating), not non-thermal radiation (which does not cause heating and is the kind emitted from smart meters)”

    Actually smart meters DO cause a thermal effect, one which is so dangerous to health that it violates all international EMF Safety Code Standards.
    Smart meter wireless transmission microwave radiation causes instant frequency conflict, which is illegal.
    The whole international agenda has been to play dumb on just how this happens and then set the standards for allowable amount of microwatts per square centimetre of human being ridiculously high. In other words, the internationally legally required “weight of evidence” scientific approach to measuring harm from wireless frequencies of any kind was arbitrarily set aside & in its place junk science has been used instead.
    HOWEVER: As of September 24th, 2010 an electrical journeyman and themography heat specialist named Curtis Bennet demonstrated to Health Canada the visible weight of evidence which indisputably confirmed for the first time the actual causal link to harm to our biology caused by microwave & radio wave frequencies.
    His evidence has already changed the application of the law & rendered smart meters illegal in Canada, which Health Canada has tried to ignore, to their peril.
    This is equally true for all countries, all of which operate on the same EMF safety codes as Safety Code Six in Canada.
    How smart meters/ wifi/cell phone frequencies harms all biological creatures is that these frequencies excite atoms & molecules.
    In mere minutes this destroys the magnetite in pollinators, overrides the ability of all navigational creatures to be guided by geomagnetic natural frequencies. AAs with creatures, so it is with humans, since these frequencies induce artificial frequencies from 900 megahertz up to 5 gigahertz into humans & all biological entities.
    In the case of the meter’s SMPS or Switching Mode Power Supply in the meter can regularly spike the body up to 50,000 gigahertz.
    In effect the human body is forced into becoming an wireless transmission receiver.
    Unlike your electrical cable to your house, or your coaxial cable, both of which are coated with insulation to avoid frequency conflict, your skin has no insulation at all. These incompatible frequencies pass through brick, stone & drywall with ease. They are ubiquitous & forces themselves into the low frequency human body which operates at 7.85 hertz awake & at only .5 hertz asleep.
    This proven frequency conflict essentially immediately begins to heat the body from the core out, an effect that has now been made visible & measurable by specialized thermography by this fellow who calls himself Curtis { info@Thermoguy.com } who0 has served as an expert witness to the Standing Committee for the Canadian House of Commons as well as for a currently ongoing wireless transmission lawsuit in Oregon.
    Check out this Canadian Curtis Bennett of Thermografix Consulting to find out why you do NOT want a smart meter or aggregator or collector meter or anything to do with the smart grid EVER. the smart grid is too smart for our own good.

  7. ADCH1967 says:

    In California, a group of Stanford students saw their electric bill increase enormously after a smart meter was installed–even for a period when nobody was home and the breakers were turned off. The electric company said there was nothing wrong. After installing their own measuring device, the students found that the meter was overcharging them 2.5 times

    Please provide the link to this study for reference.

  8. Order23 says:

    If you dont want a smart meter (and I have to say that I do) then go solar.
    Solar installations use net-metering and can’t be fitted with smart meters.

  9. AK says:

    I have been experiencing similar symptoms since May 2011 – been to the doctor and told him of my concern. Was told that a psychiatrist will get in touch with me to find out why am I “anxious” and why I have these side effects.

    I have been waking at about 1 – 2 am since May 2011, about 10 times I would say at the most, with similar symptoms. Never had them before. They appeared as soon as the Smart Meters started functioning at my home and the neighbours (their meter points towar my house).

  10. Stop Smart Meters says:

    If they were called what they actually are, i.e. WIRELESS TRANSMITTERS, there would have been a thousand-fold outrage. A too-liberal White House and clever manipulation of language got these things installed by the millions.

  11. It seems like the only sensible person on this website says:

    This website is ridiculous and I hope anyone who is reading this has enough sense to do their own research and realize this this is all false and misleading information.

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  13. Ban Smart Meters - A Joke says:

    This Website is a JOKE

  14. Judi Francioso says:

    Here is a letter I wrote to our NDP Health Minister
    I am hoping you can help me with a serious health problem that I believe more people suffer from but the issue has simply been washed under the carpet because it’s a “done deal” and too late for the government to turn back the hands of time even though a huge mistake has been made.

    Last June my daughter graduated on the Deans List with an honours degree from the University of Waterloo. She has always been a happy, outgoing, independent, and bubbly young lady. After graduation she went to Italy to help take care of my husband’s mother. She returned home in October and could hardly wait till December because she was going to apply to teacher’s college. By December she was so sick that she couldn’t even think about teacher’s college. She would be happy one minute and crying the next. Her balance was off and she suffered from dizzy spells, severe pressure headaches across the front of her head, and neck and shoulder pain. She still is afraid to drive the car and if she leaves home it is for brief periods only because she gets very anxious and is worried that she might faint in the car. As well, my daughter is unable to sleep through the night and complains about chest pains.

    I have taken my daughter to the doctor and he has tested her for diabetes, thyroid, and anemia. Needless to say her tests were all negative. Grasping at straws, the doctor asked her if she was depressed and when she said that she had nothing to be depressed about he told her that she had all the symptoms of anxiety, and it would go away on its own. I even took her to have her eyes checked and they couldn’t find anything wrong in that department. She remains the same to this day.

    Now, I must also add that I have been suffering from severe dizzy spells since last October. I had vertigo once 5 years ago but it only lasted for one day but these dizzy spells are unlike the vertigo I had experienced. In fact, I seem to be suffering from the same dizzy spells described by my daughter, but I told my husband that it is too coincidental that we are complaining about the same thing. I constantly hear a high pitched ringing in my ear or a humming noise, and I run around the house thinking a toilet is still running. My husband and I have been suffering from muscle pain and joint pain since last summer. Last week when the weather finally warmed up my husband went for a walk and when he returned he asked me if I knew our hydro meter had been replaced. When I heard this I had the answer to our problems because I had read about people getting sick after a smart meter was installed at their home. I called the hydro company and they confirmed that the smart meter had been installed at the end of June last year. Then I researched the side effects caused by the radiation from these smart meters and it clearly described every one of my daughter’s symptoms and also several of my own. My problems began 3 months after the installation of the smart meter. When my daughter returned home from Italy in October she slowly began to change until everything came to a head in December- 2 months after her return.

    I realize that even though we live in a democratic nation we truly have no say over the demands of the large monopolies and our government because we were not asked if we wanted a smart meter installed at our home. My daughter’s life is of the utmost importance to me and my family. She has already lost a year out of her life. Our computers are hardwired at our home, we eat organic foods, and we have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. All of a sudden this change that was forced upon us and it has turned our lives upside down. There must be something that can be done for our situation, or are we to continue suffering health issues at the hands of the bureaucrats and wealthy monopolies.

    • Axel says:

      Cover the meter with tin foil and see if the symptoms subside. Let us all know.

      • Classic says:

        Unfortunately, foil doesn’t work. I have tried not only aluminum foil, but also 2 layers of foil roasting pans (thicker foil) completely surrounding the meter, all holes covered. My bill still had an accurate reading on it, so foil doesn’t work. Given that there are plenty of videos on Youtube showing the smart meter radiation penetrating building walls (brick, wood, drywall, & insulation) with no problem, it’s not likely that a little metal or foil is going to fully block the signals.

        The next thing to try is sheets of lead. Lead is used in all kinds of radiation safety equipment. You know when you go to the dentist and they take an x-ray of your mouth? You have to put on that heavy apron and the employee leaves the room and stands behind a glass window? That apron has lead in it. And the walls contain lead and the glass window is leaded glass. It’s used to keep the x-ray radiation from leaving the room. And using lead to wrap around the smart meter is completely safe. It’s outside, so it won’t flake and enter the air you breathe or get into the water, like a lead pipe will.

        The only place I’ve found small quantities of lead sheets is on Amazon (search “lead sheets”). Many of the other suppliers of lead sheets require large quantity orders. It’s not cheap, but it’s not unreasonable either. But unfortunately, I can’t afford it now, so the experiment will have to wait. I wish someone else would try it…

  15. Redi Kw says:

    One part of the propaganda campaign that seems to have fooled many people is that the smart meters are the power grid. They are not. The smart meters are billing devices and an interface to communicate interactively with the power company.
    Although a smart meter may be a PART of a power grid, the meters themselves do not constitute a smart grid.
    In California, there are two bills that were signed into law that mandate updating the power grid to being more smart and efficient, U39E and senate bill 17. There is no mention of the meters as being mandatory to upgrade the grid.
    So the utilities instead of spending all the federal taxpayers money on enhancing the power grid, they fooled the public into thinking that the meter replacement is mandatory and required by law . That is untrue.
    The mandated upgrading and enhancement to the power grid can be done entirely without replacing any meters at all.
    In this country, most all the transformers that serve 1 to 3 buildings are 40 year old ferrite core type. They do not pass powerline carrier (PLC) data and commands very well and are not smart at all.
    If they started on updating the grid first, they could change out all the old transformers to be modern solid state, called power electronics.
    Those transformers can use PLC logic to report power outages, energy use time of day for each customer and disconnect power to individual buildings if need be.
    Instead of putting the multiplexers in the meters that transmit RF into the air, they could use fiber optics, dedicated data cables, broadband coaxial cables or PLC to communicate. In some states they are using their existing fiber optic plant to upgrade the grid to being smart. Using PLC does transmit RF onto and over the existing power lines, but not RF into the air.
    Powerline carriers have been available since the mid 70′s to residential users to remotely control appliances and lighting. One of the first systems is called the X-10, and another is Leviton’s Decora Home Controls (DHC).
    These devices can be connected to a PC or telephone dialer and are capable of controlling an entire building from anywhere in the world.
    There are many uses for this kind of home automation. An example would be: some people have ski cabins (mansions) in Tahoe or Teluride. They can call up the address and turn on the driveway heaters to melt the snow before they arrive, control water pipe heaters to keep them from freezing, turn on the furnace , refrigerators , air conditioners and lights in advance so they will be ready for occupancy when the guests arrive.
    In northern California , it is PG&E territory, and PG&E says, “it’s my way or the highway”. But some of us know better, and we are not buying their BS.

  16. Troy Porter says:

    I have had ringing in my ears nonstop since about the time our meter was changed.

    • Deanna Munson says:

      i can feel my brains being microwaved.my houseplants are dead, my cats wont spend time indoors,only to eat.my ears/head have been ringing/humming since installation.i have been in tears for days because i am getting no sleep,constant headaches,my fingers, jaws/teeth,and body aches,nausea,and i had to leave my this weekend home because we have two meters attached to bedroom window in our apartment,and i absolutely cannot escape/tolerate this CONSTANT discomforting sensation.i called pge twice now yelling,screaming,crying and begging for them to do something about these meters.i dont even know where i can move to to avoid them.THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.my freind and her 13yr old daughter have had flu symptoms ,headaches and buzzing/ringing in there 4bedroom home with only 1 meter.im in oregon.someone please helpgoing to die.i feel my brans microwaving.i feel like im

  17. grace says:

    “and a new Smart Meter isn’t going to make a significant bump in the amount that you are exposed to every day.” Okay….sure…so let’s justify being exposed constantly in the supposed safety of our own home because we are already exposed to it every day?? YOU are missing the point, home is a place where we are supposed to have the right to as much safety in every aspect that we choose to be aware to. So since we are in fact bombarded every day, shouldn’t we have the right to let our bodies experience rest without continuous microwave radiation hitting us at home and during sleep?? YOU need to THINK, YOU have to, it’s easier to just agree isn’t it? But if you just listen to yourself, you are “accepting” harm that has been proven in thousands of scientific studies, just because we are already exposed to it in other ways???!!! Please open your eyes and be aware, all due respect ignorance is bliss and is convenient and easy. You rights are being intruded upon, WAKE UP…NOW!
    You could just as easily say we are exposed to second hand smoke every day when we are out, so what if someone puts a device on our home that continuously spews out smoke….does that make sense??? is that fair? or would you be in denial that you are being controlled??

  18. MIA NONY says:

    What EMFs do is co-opt house wiring, turn all wiring system into an antenna & turn you into an involuntary conductor. This is called electrical induction. it’s illegal everywhere in the so called civilized world. What you are facing is not just a smart meeter it is a MANDATORY IILLEGAL device forcibly installed in league with a ROGUE GOVERNMENT. As for mitigation of effects use any radiation mitigation materials asap, since you are slowly cooking. For windows & glass doors use aluminium (not plastic) window screening to deflect frequencies. Shield entire interior side of meter wall w/ foil insulation (Prodex). Wrap entire meter in this foil. Rewrap it after utility unwraps it. Keep at it till they finally give up as they have elsewhere & send you a monthly meter reader. Persuade neighbours to do the same, maybe ask them to save the bees, their pets & female children’s lifetime supply of ovarian eggs, if not themselves? Memorize your circuit box, rethink what you really need, shut off anything not in use, the range, nearly everything except fridge/freezer, keep laundry & other intermittent use appliances shut off at circuit box. Then shut off all other inessentials, especially bedroom circuits & use LED puck lights. Use house/green foil type house insulation. Check it out at insulation4less.com & also check shielding materials somewhere reputable, sites that supply legitimate radiation absorption barriers like laminated carbon sheets to absorb any leftover radiation leakage after you deflect EMFs away from the house at source.
    Meanwhile find and join or else create a class action lawsuit against the utility and government to stop this before it kills us all after enriching the pharmaceutical corporations. To see one in Oregon go to thermoguy.com and then click on EMF education and read the legal declarations, especially by Barry Trower, the man who designed these frequencies for the military as weapons of mass destruction, by Curtis Bennett, the man who discovered that these devices cause electrical induction and thermal heat effect in all living creatures, and by David Carpenter, Harvard physician, who explains the biological effects and warns people to stop the frequencies and get away from this weapon FAST FIGHT BACK NOW BEFORE YO9U ARE TOO DISABLED TO ACT.

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